Queen Anne News, by Teru Lundsten, 6/2/2004

“Trust your eye. Look, don’t think, draw. Draw what you see, not what you think it is. These are some of the principles Jeff and Kay Benesi teach at Colorwheel Studio on Queen Anne.” “Many children don’t think they are very ‘good at art.’ Upon seeing his artwork displayed at Colorwheel’s annual show in April, one student exclaimed to his mother, “Wow, Mom, I didn’t know I was that good!”

Lane Williams, parent of former Colorwheel students, 3/7/1993

“What impresses me most about Colorwheel however, is not the work produced by my own children - everyone thinks their own children are talented - but by the consistantly high quality of work produced by all the students at Colorwheel.”

Peggy Peabody, parent of former Colorwheel students

“Colorwheel Studio has given my children a unique opportunity to experience various forms of art medium from highly skilled and inspirational teachers. I am grateful that Colorwheel is in my neighborhood.”

Colorwheel Studio, 2117 8th Ave. West Seattle WA 98119  206 285-0831 colorwheelstudio@q.com