original storefront studio in queen anne

The philosophy at Colorwheel Studio is that “art is primary, not secondary.” Art instruction is a subject that everyone can learn from and enjoy. While not everybody is going to become a professional artist, just as in the other arts, such as music and dance, everyone can benefit from participating.

The experiences at Colorwheel are established on the level of understanding and artistic development of the children, and instruction is based upon a working knowledge of the art elements and principles of design, which all visual forms, both natural and manmade have in their organization.

Students are encouraged to use their imagination and also their eyes, to see how everything in the world is comprised of shapes, colors, textures, lines, pattern, and design.

girl painting

The children are encouraged to work at their own pace, do their best work, and express themselves in their own unique way. Even though students are working on the same subject matter in a particular class, each student’s creation turns out differently because they are each a unique individual. Individuality is encouraged and celebrated!

At Colorwheel instructors gently guide and encourage, self expression, development of creative thinking and problem solving, positive self image and the appreciation of the creative expression of others. Students are introduced to famous artists of the past and present, and learn to appreciate the different styles of these artists as well as those of their classmates.

Colorwheel Studio, 2117 8th Ave. West Seattle WA 98119  206 285-0831 colorwheelstudio@q.com